Fusion (2010 – PC – Unity3D)

Summary: What if when you wanted to play an amazing team game with friends or family, you didn’t need to think about what their favorite genres are and what game might accommodate both of you? The goal of Fusion was to great a game rivaling any of the best PvP games out there where players could play it in the style of whatever their favorite genre is. There’s a lot to talk about with Fusion, but the big take-away is that this isn’t a pipe dream. 6 students who had never worked in Unity before were able to create a universally well-received prototype of a Racer/Shooter/Match3 blend in 4 months. The design problems are interesting and unique, but by no means impossible.

For more information, please visit the Fusion site or read the Gamasutra article.

  • Platform: PC
  • Engine: Unity 4
  • Goals: A student project creating a PvP team game in which players were able to freely choose between various gameplay genres, without losing a sense of all playing together.
  • Date: 2010
  • Production Schedule: 4 months
  • Team Size: 6
  • Roles: Designer, audio, some engineering support.

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