Moroccan Pork Shoulder Tagine with Spiced Couscous

photo (3)I’ve been cooking a bit, but haven’t posted here in a while. Things have gone well though, with me generally making dinners for the role-playing group I play Mage with on a weekly basis. This week was a Moroccan Tagine, which turned out splendidly. So flavorful! It was very delicious.

I made a few substitutions. I was feeling lazy and not up for extensive de-boning and trimming, so I replaced the short rib with pork shoulder, which I seared as whole pieces, but cubed before before putting it into the oven. Also, I don’t own a tagine, so this was all done with the wonderful cassarole dish some wonderful friends got me recently as a wedding present. The oven time was 2 hours instead of 2.5, but that was perfect with the cubed pork. Oh, and I may have used slightly more onion that this recipe calls for since I used a whole small yellow onion instead of half a large one.

Super-successful – will definitely make again.